YES or NO-"remove unreferenced and blank cells"?

I am using AnyDVD with DVD-RB-Pro.

I was wondering what the “better” answer to this question is?

On one hand, it sounds “good” getting rid of stuff you dont need. More room for video that is important.

OTOH, I read that some people have problems, that go away, when they “uncheck” this box.

So, what have you had more success with?

I think I get the same thing in PgcEdit. I choose “Yes” to remove them as I read in a thread on the doom9 forums that it is ok. They said it’s just crap the DVD people put on there.

Feel free to correct me, I may be wrong.

I use AnyDvd along with Dvd Decryptor (ISO) for DL backups. If I choose yes for this option will it screw up the orginal Layer break?

This option has only meaning when using the AnyDVD ripper, so the answer is “no”.

This is a good question. I find myself wondering this. I’m speaking of when using the AnyDVD rip to hard drive. Sometimes when checking it, the VIDEO_TS.VOB comes up missing in the ripped folder making DVD Shrink not able to process it (on those times this has happened, Recode 2 would process it. Apparently Recode 2 doesn’t need it). When taking the check out, that file is there and DVD Shrink can process it. The trick is knowing when to check it and when not to. I do not know the answer to that. For me, it’s been hit or miss. If one way doesn’t work, then do the other way. I’m not too crazy about that solution cause it involves a lot of time ripping it all over again (unless you drag the VIDEO_TS.VOB from the original DVD over into the ripped folder).

I don’t think you’ll need to check it anymore, because AnyDVD (the driver) cuts the bad cells from the beginning.

I’m confused about this one. Is this the same as pgcedit when you load up the DVD, it gives you the option to remove the unreferenced cells etc?

Is it good to check it in AnyDVD and let it be? After reading some threads I am not too sure about whether or not it is good any more. There must be a reason why it was changed to “uncheck” by default?