Yes, another purchase advice thread :D

Hi, I’ve read over numerous posts here already but I thought I would post this anyway in case there are any new suggestions that come out of the woodwork. :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a DVD Writer that is the most reliable in terms of successful burns and data integrity, as opposed to fast burn speeds or fancy new features. (Unless the fancy new feature helps with the former point of reliability)

In addition, in your experience what are the best media / die to go for, and what should I avoid?

Any other general advice is welcome too

If you can - please try to explain in a bit of detail about your choice, rather than only giving the product name with no explanation why you picked it, thanks!

My system specifications are as follows if they help:

Windows XP + SP2
ASUS P4C800-E Motherboard
Pentium4 3.4Ghz
2GB - PC3200 DDR RAM
NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT

Any help is much-appreciated people! :bigsmile:

Are we talking CD or DVD?

DVD Writer, sorry, yes :slight_smile:

Plextor PX716a
BENQ 1620
NEC 3500
LG 4163
All of these are very good drives.

Almost new burners can do that as long your are using quality media and burn at its rated speed or one step lower (in case of 16x media). I agree with harley2ride selections, plus I will add NEC 3540 and BenQ 1640.

If your preference is more spesific, like in another thread asking a good DL burner, high read/speed, advanced CD processing etc, then that would be different.

I know that this is making it all the more difficult, but Pioneer DVR-109 (OEM version of A09XL) is arguably the best WRITER if you are not into quality scanning and such. If you are not into bells and whistles, shop by price between the 5 drives already suggested… Most importantly, ALWAYS use quality media such as Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim.

Thanks for all the drive suggestions so far, keep them coming by all means.

On a side note…Would it be best to go for DVD-R or DVD+R Media?

I’ve read numerous articles about the formats on this site, alas… I’m still not sure what to pick!

I will be mainly doing data, divx and picture backups, as opposed to proper .VOB style DVD backups that you would normally play on a TV player.

That mainly depends on your burner… Plextor, NEC, and BenQ tend to favor +R, while Pioneer and LG tend to favor -R.

And whatever you’re backing up, data is data. At least with that you’ll be using a more robust computer DVD-ROM drive instead of a potentially picky standalone DVD player.