Yep.. the CD Freaks Living Room is killed!



Just wanted to pop in and say that each and every contribution to this thread is being taken onboard - input from you guys is very important, if we had no input, we’d have no idea what you guys want from the LR.

Any more ideas would be good!



Hi :slight_smile:
Definately the decision to fragment LR & setup Game’s up has affected the “freedom” that some members had come to expect. Not really interested in the why’s & wherefore’s, just an observation. This judging by PM’s & emails sent to me coincided with what can only be described as an attempt to control/intimidate user’s by a handful of members (no not Mods, just everyday members). This often took the form of gang posting when a member (quite often newbie) made an error. Someone would highlight this in a condescending & often hostile way. With others joining in. This is an area that could/should be addressed by Mods. In fairness this does happen on some occassions & I’m sure that Mods can’t be everywhere all the time. After all we’re supposed to be fairly responsible. However I do know of several members leaving all together, while others have taken more of back seat. As result of these events. Whilst it can be irritating when some of these posting errors occur. I would like to point out that were it not for forums like this, then we’d all still be in the dark. So let’s not forget ourselves & get back to being a community.
BTW The time of year obviously is a factor too.
Have a good one everyone.


Hi all :stuck_out_tongue:
I must admit that I’m one of those people that has taken a back seat with this forum, but for me it’s been that my real life has commanded too much of my time for quite a while now, but when I get chance then I do look in to see what’s going on.
I think it’s not just the LR thats lost interest to many but as a whole.
Back in the day (oh here he goes :stuck_out_tongue: ) when I first started coming here the CD burning scene was huge, complicated and frankly scary for a nooby. There were about 5-6 major burning applications all vying for your business and each one had their fan base on CDFreaks.
News, products, hacks, workrounds and reviews were coming out on an almost hourly basis it seemed and around that this forum sort of glued everything together, pointed people in the right place to get their stuff working and lots of people made new and interesting online friends.

Nowerdays it’s totally changed. Every new computer has a DVD burner, Windows, MacOS, Linux and many others can nativley burn CDs and DVDs without the user needing any prior knowlage of what to do (hands up if you had to install an ASPI layer on a mates computer recently?) and as a result a lot of companies have moved away from what we support and cover news on.
This leads to less coverage, less stuff to talk about and just the same people (as nice as you all are :slight_smile: ) hanging around, so yeah the new posts and replies to old ones will dry up a bit, just in the same way as with anyone you live with I suppose.

I’m I taking about the death of CDFreaks as we know it? Of course not. There are a lot of forums out there that would bite their right arm off to have this amount of people on their books, but maybe the focus of this thread to the LR should really be widended to the whole site. Does anyone else thing our coverage should widen to cover other subjects to attract new and fresh members? Are we as a community doing everything we can to promote this site? Should we all make an effort submit news articles and make new main news page look like something is actually happening? Should we react to these articles when we do have a point of view on it apart from skipping to the next one?

Or have I totally lost the plot and have no real idea what’s going on?


Too many political/religious discussions for me these days. I won’t be coming around much anymore.


But that’s why there are other sub-forums under “CD Freaks Living Room” and there are also quite a lot of technical forums just a few mouse-scrolls away. :slight_smile:

I don’t see why and how CDFreaks LR is being killed. The only real difference between now and year 2001 I can be sure of is that there are more visitors than ever.


Hi :slight_smile:
Looking at posts #'s 22/23/24 makes interesting reading. The implication that the need to change/keep stimulation is apparent maybe. What one needs to do however is to try & keep some kind of balance. Otherwise the overbearing pontificating procastinattion will prevail. Those who are either full of self importance or just on a crusade for the sake of it will affect the end result. I feel that all too often many forget that not all users 1st language is english. The speed at which some come out to critise rather than seek to undersfand & then help does appear to on the increase. A lot of these folk take themselves far too seriously.Like most negatives this is a minority. I’m also aware that some of those who do not fully understand english can add too this. When in response to posts that are meant to be helpful they misinterpret. But in my experience this is very much less the case.
A mass chill out for the LR & possibly cdf too.
The sun has got to folks.
@Kenshin good to see your input here. There are still many positives. Much much more than there’s negative. But there has been a liitle of what I mention in tardiness & just outright keeness to jump down someones throoat (flaming if you like) growing amongst a small element. Maybe it’s always been there & I’ve not noticed.
However what’s new for me is emails to this effect. Again in #'s small, barely reaching double figures.


Such threads will never disappear unless a dictator like me moderates this forum. It was far worse some five years ago. :slight_smile:


:scream: O.M.G.

What happend here…


Whassup here?



Closed this thread (it’s 12 years old :wink: )