Yep Imtoo ripper total noob question..heh

Ok to get to the problem i have Imtoo Dvd ripper platinum. Ive read other forums on here in hopes to find my problem, but to no avail. My imtoo works fine from what i can see. The problem is when i import my converted files to windows movie maker in Mpeg-1. Only some of the clips will playback while others seem to just be a screen freeze. Ive tried avi but it came back as crap. I don’t know if its imtoo or my movie maker. Hell it could be the fact that my video card sucks. What i do know is that the DVDs play fine until i convert the files. Any help on this would be appreciated since apparently im more of a noob than i thought. thanks. lol

Its more likely that the various input files you have were not properly encoded.

Is there any way to fix that? That sounds like a problem with Imtoo and ive read they’ve had verious other problems with the same program.