Wow, finally we ( a friend and me, we are living together in a flat don't know what it's called in English - in German it's "Wohngemeinschaft"...who cares....)
have got DSL!!:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
After waiting 2 months:a :a :a the German Telecom ( - TAKE'EM OUT!!!.....just kidding :wink: ) sent us our login and PWD.
Now I am happy and just want to share my luck....:wink:



Joy at last.

The wonders of a permanent connection and higher speeds compared to ISDN or regular phone line…

Now you can spend even more time on this forum and earn Karma points for helping others :wink:


Wow, finally we (a friend and me, we are living together in a flat don’t know what it’s called in English - in German it’s “Wohngemeinschaft”…who cares…)
have got DSL!!

So you have nearly 10% of the bandwidth I can use…

“in einer Wohngemeinschaft leben”: “share a flat”, says my dictionary…they don’t seem to have a good word for WG.


I was just about to post a new topic like this, ordered DSL (with an A in front for you techies :)) today and will get it within 20 days… Domi, can I please get an smiley for “excited wait”? :bigsmile:

alexnoe, how much bandwith do you have if he has 10%…?