Yeah right ;)

Got this mail in my email account

Hello Divx Trader

I have an idea for you would you like to become a reseller for

I will make you a page where you can send your traffic to and get a 50/50 split on all orders and
recurring orders you get and a check mailed to you.
Note: The processer will take a small split too.

I will block access and put your divx movie ftp or url download
areas in the members area.

I will keep new movie pics on your internetmovies url and do all
the customer support.

If you would like to join i will need some info from you.
and i will set you up a page on that will
have your reseller code on all order forms.
If you join you can not spam the url i setup
for you this will make my ISP mad and i will need to find a new
one and need to delete your internetmovies sign up page and your
reseller account you can only link to it. This will keep us all
in business. what you do to your own url on your website on your
site is your business.

*Company Name or your name:
*Contact Name:
*Contact Email:
Street Address:
Postal/Zip Code:
Reseller’s Tax ID or SSN put n/a if out of US:

And i will need to know all your download ftps and urls and
for the internet movies members to access your download areas.
i will only post the links in the members area.

You will get a Life Time MemberShip to so you
can access the members area to check your links and share movies
too. Just do not share the password it will hurt business for us

Hope you like this idea

Note: You will get a real time stats area so you can check your
orders 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


only english here

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Hmm be careful giving out your info to someone. Do ya know this character?? Because if you arent careful, the police and whoever might come knocking and they in turn might bring some nasty lawyers with em.


Burn, Burn, Burn, till it catches fire