~~yea! 3 months and counting!~~

Well folks as of tomorrow…June 23 …it will officially be 3 months that I’ve been with Numbers…I’m just so glad his path and mine crossed when they did.He completes me…makes me feel comfy…One look in his eyes…and i melt…One touch of his hand and I’m quivering.And when I run my fingers through his hair…well…you get the idea…I’m in love…yes I AM in LOVE…I have no idea what i’ve done to deserve someone like him …hes perfect from his head to his feet and all points in between…hes just awesome…no …more than awesome…and hes MINE!..But for now i just wanted you all to know i’m the world’s most luckiest girl !

that’s awesome, glad to hear

Pass me a bucket :Z

Only joking, have fun :smiley:

I’m so happy for you. =)

“3 months and counting!!”
I hope you’re not counting down. =P

Holy crap…seems like only yesterday…

Guess it only shows that time flies when someone else is having fun… :slight_smile:

Yo My Dearest S_S-

I really hope that you know just how happy I am for you two - eh?

I pray that this lasts for as long as it feels right to both of you - and that it is for a long time - eh?

We have been married for 31 years - and she is still my best friend and lover - I can only wish the same or more for you and yours - eh?



51 years, huh?

congratz! :bigsmile:
7 days before today, Jun. 15, it’s three years and a half (42 Months) that i’ve been with my GF… :wink: well, and still lucky… :wink:

God its so sweet of all you saying those nice things…i really think this is the ONE…I want to spend every waking and sleeping minute with…hes made change from a bitter one night stander…to a sweet loveable…forever kinda gal…:slight_smile:

Would it be safe to say you run the Numbers game now? :wink:

that would be correct! hee hee…

I knew you would find someone special beautiful.

thanks dear…but i’m keeping your name on my to do list…:slight_smile: nothings permant…we all know that


Congratulations S_S and Numbers

Does that mean it’s over between us? :sad:

:wink: Really that is good that you found someone that you think is the one. I hope the rest is as good as it is now and hope that it gets better then that for you. :slight_smile:

OMG…she’s turned to the dark side…i mean light…I mean…hey S_S rollover :confused:

My wife and I started dating over 15 years ago (holy cow manure). She still crazy and still nutz. Other than that we get along great.

Congrats NUMBERS…ehem, I men S_S :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

thanks… but that doesn’t get you off for the fourth…your still on guard…

plugs in electric violin

That’s great! feel the love! The joy of romance

unplugs electric violin

p.s. i’m jelaous. lots.

Congrats, Sexy_S & Numbers I hope it lasts forever.

I’m exactly 8 days with my new girl.

awwww thanks Namoh that is super sweet coming from you…and congrats on the new girl!