Yay! my first 99%

Fuji branded TYO2 @ 12x :cool:

That’s a beautiful scan, congrats!

Wooooot!!! SWEET!!! :iagree:

Nice!! :iagree:

Very Nice! But of course you used a good drive and good media and probably burned at the rated speed.

That was burnt @12x Yuden T02’s are 8x media, last time i checked.

Thanks for the pats on the back folks.


So, the Yuden is what kind of DVD? Is it the 8X DVD-R and burned at 12X? Also, explain this…if we have the benq 1620, do we need to buy 16x media?

The scan is from:
Fuji Brand Taiyo Yuden YUDEN000T02 8x DVD+R Made in Japan(check label before you buy). They are rated at 8x, but with the 1620 can be burned at 12x or 16x as well. 12x burns are what i’ve been getting a lot of luck with providing good scans. 16x burns are the flip of a coin sometimes good, sometimes not so good. As far as buying 16x media, I haven’t taken that dive yet. I guess I could pick some up, and give it a whirl. I like the Fuji branded Yuden’s though, on sale at Best Buy this past weekend; 50 pack for $19.99

great burn, specially @ 12x. sweet.

Nice specs!! :bow: :bow:

Wow great scan!

I just upgraded to B7V9 this weekend and I wish my scans looked that good with the Fuji +R TY media I am using.