Yar, Talk Like A Pirate Day Be Soon!



Talk Like A Pirate Day Website

Yar, only 60 days till talk like a pirate day be apon us!! Rejoice!! :cool:


Harr! And it bes the day after this dirty buckateer was born! Yarr!


Shiver my timbers. Mladdyio.

How long before someone puts the Monkey Island insults up here? Yarr.


Arrrr horaarrrr!


A little late says I

har har har har


Aye! Talk like a pirate day will be upon us! And none t’ soon. Everyones damn l33t speak be annoyin’. Pirates all t’ way! Yarrr


/monkey island insult


Arrr! Yar mother be a hamster, and yer father be smelling of elderberries, boy!

My timbers already been shivered!

Man the lifeboats!

Ahoy matey!

Oh, a pirates life for me!