**Yankees @ RedSox**

For all my fellow Baseball fans, right now on ESPN2 - Yankees @ RedSox


and in NY, it’s on YES.

Go Yankees!

Hell Yeah!!!

Another big NYY fan here. It’s on NESN in HD in New England.

looks like Schilling is throwing well, but already 60+ pitches in 3 innings which is a good sign.

He might throw six innings, we will see…I think (wishful thinking) the Yanks are gonna get on the scoreboard soon.

Well, maybe the Sox are gonna score now…Bases Loaded! GRRRRRRRR!!!

I say take Wright out after this inning.

Where the hell is Hernandez? or the Big F’ing Unit?

well, sox drew first blood. allota baseball to be played though.

yup, but we gotta get Wright outta there

he just got through the top of the 4th without much incident…let him go, it’s early enough in the season to test what he’s made of…

i love the fact Tino’s back on the Yanks.

We will see…

Had to go eat dinner, the game has gotten alot better…Maybe the Yanks will keep it up :slight_smile:

end Of Thread Yankees Win!!!

thaaaaaaa yankees win!

Yeaahhhhhhhhhhh Yankee’s win … no idea what I’m celebrating.

Yay for Yankees! Down with socks!
Namoh, me neither.

This really sucks (misspelling not intended), Perhaps I should ask nymac11 what’s going on. He seems to have certain knowledge about redsocks (misspelling not intended).