Yankee take over



Hi all. :slight_smile:

No comments needed.

Damn, no Nordic country in “top twenty” nowdays. :sad:
Whats up OC-Freak…?
Note, pic from Alexia tracking crap site.


I’m no Yankee :disagree:

pinto2 are you listed as other?



We have more than [B]13x[/B] the OZ share-eh!! :iagree: :iagree: :clap: :clap:

(and we have [B]S_S[/B] too-eh!!!)


This cannot be based on post counts. If it were, Arachne and chef would tilt the results. :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=pinto2;2000769]Note, pic from [B]Alexia[/B] tracking crap site.[/QUOTE]

Alexa should be the right spelling I think. :flower: