Yamakawa (Pioneer) 8x burner: $25 after rebate



Ecost has the Yamakawa burner for $85, with a $65 mail in rebate. Shipping is free with a craptacular $5 handling fee. Link to the rebate is here.

I did a search: it’s a Pioneer DVR-107


Anbody bought this and tried it out? Its cheap enough. I wander if it would take firmware updates intended for the pioneer?


The link in your post does not work, It also looks like the rebate is $50 instead of $65. Please enlighten me.


It’s a pdf doc so you need something like an acrobat plugin. And it does say $65.


Thanks, I have acrobat 7 and it was just flashing the rebate and closing. Copying the properties of the link allowed me to read the rebate. It seems to end 12-31-04. The website mentions a $50 rebate. Beats me.


Yes, what Tulsa said.

Expired the 31th of Dec.