Yamakawa DVR-Y08

I just purchased a Yamakawa DVR-Y08. It is a 8x8 dual format writer. I can not get it to burn DVD’s. I was trying to copy DVD movies.

What have I done wrong? I have winxp. The hardware was automatically recognized by windows. It will play movies on the ms media player. When I try to copy movies the dvd does not recognize that it has a DVD+R blank disk. I am told to put disk into the F drive, when there is a blank disk already in the DVD. When I try to burn with Nero Burning Rom 5.5, it does not give me a choice of dvd just a cd option. I have installed update patches into Nero Burning Rom 5.5.

Was there something else I was to do to install the DVD? It is connected to the same ribbon that I used for my DVD player. It shares the ribbon with the CD-RW device.

Was I supposed to connect the device differently because it is ATAPI?

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First make sure your burner is properly installed and jumpered. (Looks like your drive is a Pioneer DVR-107 clone)

Next you will have to do is to get a newer version of Nero Burning Rom. The latest version is, with a 30-day trial.
Uninstall your 5.5 version before installing 6.6*.

To decode, compress and burn (your own) encrypted movies you can use DVD Decrypter d/l link and DVDShrink. Both are freewares.
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