Yamakawa DVR-Y08 (Flashed to Pioneer DVR-107D) can't burn DVD+R

Hi, I bought the Yamakawa DVR-Y08 about a year ago, and have had no problem burning DVD-R whatsoever. Now I run out of my DVD-R, so I buy some more DVDs, DVD+R. For some reason, my DVR-Y08 cannot burn DVD+R even though http://www.yamakawa.de/produkte/dvr-r07.htm (and other websites and also Nero Info Tool) says so.

Following my friend’s instruction on using DVRFlash, I flashed my Yamakawa DVR-Y08. Now it becomes Pioneer DVR-107D as you can see in an attachment below. Another pic is Nero Info Tool.

[In addition, I tried to burn a 200MB media into DVD+R with 8X, it worked! Just when I tried to burn the whole DVD+R, it did burn, but my pc doesn’t recognize the DVD. Basically, the full-burned DVD+R couldn’t be opened. That’s strange.]

Anyone have had similar problem or know what’s going on? Any help would be really appreciated.

The problem is not with the drive but either the media used or the softwares/drivers on your computer messing up.

Well, what do you mean by the media used is a problem? I don’t quite understand that part. Can you explain a bit more?

And what if the softwares/drivers on my computer messing up, how do I fix that?


You know have a full DVR-107 which can burn -R and +R.

I checked this recently and the Pioneer firmware doesn’t support any current 16X media. See also in this thread. Here’s the supported media list (there’s a newer firmware 1.22out, but it still doesn’t seem to support any 16X discs).

DVR-A07 MediaSupportList_121.xls (80 KB)

My DVD+R is HP brand. Is it not HQ? Anyway, my HP DVD+R is only 8X … the same with my drive, so I can’t write it any faster than 8X.

Well, I will try both ways you two suggested. Will let you know.

If the media and its MID were introduced into the market later than the last firmware release then the drive cannot know this media…

Another thing:
Could you please try to overburn DVD-R media with your 107, just a few mb?!?
Even 4498 mb should do. I once did this with some -R but both my DVR-107 went dead so I cannot reproduce this.

what would doing an overburn do for him? why are you trying to get him to reproduce something that fried your burner?!

Why do you imply something that isnt true?
My burners didnt get damaged by trying to overburn DVDs!!!

when you said your drive “went dead” I thought it died from trying to overburn, sorry. Why did it die then and why weren’t you able to reproduce the problem you had before it did?

1 went dead after trying out beta nx4all firmware with overspeeding DVD±RW media, the 2nd one due to its age…