Hi people

Am a newbod looking to glean as much as i can from you geniuses about the world of burning cd/dvd so HELLO !!

I know nothing about this other than cd’s are circular and flat with scratches (our house anyway). Where do i look for a plain english introduction to wots wot and how ??

I can buy a brand new yamaha scsi crw4416sx for 20 quid, i know its slow and old but is it a good machine? I would much prefere a 4x machine that does a good job than a go fast red 50 speed that does a fair job.

When i descover the difference between a rip and a copy and i have my machine wot software would you recomend i get my hands on. ( wot should be in every cdfreaks toolbox asuming i can get hold of pretty much anything).

I will be greatfull of all replies




drive technology has progressed so much in quality and in speed. The major determing factor for a quality burn is the media to which you burn to. At 4x, this isn’t much of an issue, but more so with higher speed drives.

As far as the “toolbox” goes, I prefer these softwares:
Nero for audio cd burning and data cd creation. Its not the most user friendly, but it does everything you’ll need and more, and is quite good to use and is well known.
Support for nero if you require it.

Clonecd for backing up games that are copy protected.

EAC for ripping cds with the highest of quality.

Here is our complete article list with lots of good information to read up on.

Here’s a good one on finding the right cd-r media for you.

Another one on cd burn quality vs. burning speed.

This article has a good overview of many of the technologies and terms you will encounter when burning cds.

If you should have any further questions, don’t hesitate to use our http://club.cdfreaks.com/search.php?s= and if that doesn’t turn up anything, don’t be afraid to ask. Welcome to the forum:cool:

Well hi Kwkward :slight_smile:

Many thanks for your reply to my post i was beginning to think it was invisible.

I have read variouse posts on the media type to use and infact been and got myself some TDK disks as they seem to be prefered by a number of people.

As i said the speed isnt an issue but doing it right is … i have learned that you only get out wot you put in and using crap doesnt work with pooters.

I will make a start with the software and c how much i can get my hands on think i seen most of it hanging about here and there.

When i have myself sorted and decided on a copy i will be back asking if thats ok.

Again thanks


Anyone else got any input ???

I have just replaced my old 4416S whcih never gave me any problems for 5 years until it died. I must admit if i had the choice between a 4416S for £20 and a new burner for £40 to £50 I would spend the extra as the new burners have features which prevent buffer under runs etc and burning at 48x is nice to have.


for audio:

As new writers/media are designed for high speed writing they give good results on good media.

The Yamaha CDRW F1 has a very high burn quality