Yamaha writer



Can you copy PSX games with a Yamaha 8424s ??
Some of the PSX games have problems as I copy them with the Yahama.

Now I copy PSX games with my HP8100.
And they works just fine.
I use the same method.
So I don’t get it what’s wrong ?


Yup, I Have the 8424S and it works great. Just have to use the right programs. CDRwin works great. Nero also does the job.


pSyChO dAd


Some PSX games need patches so u need 2 make an image of the disc using CDRWIN and then go to a site like http://gamecopyworld.com there u will find a link to psxbackupworld they supply patches and info on backing up PSX games.
Good Luck


Ch5 Micky


I knew that. That’s not the problem.
I can copy protected games (witch a crack file).

But if I copy a PSX game (image file with CDRWIN) with my Yahama then I’ve problems.
It copies just fine. But the game will not run in a Playstation ( serie : 70000 ??).
In a differt playstation (serie : 9600?? ) works the game just FINE.

As I copy from the same image file with my HP8100 then I have no problems.
The PSX game run’s in EVERY playstation.