Yamaha speeds up CD-RW drives

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Yamaha’s new family of CD-RW drives offers speeds of 16X for writing, 10X for rewriting and 40X for reading. A similar drive from Ricoh, for…

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First one I HOPE…

Plextor RULEZ…


It’s a Yamaha.
Not Plextor.


…bought a Plextor 12x10x32A yesterday…it’s amazing, 12x on a P200MMX without burnproof on and without any problems.


Had a yamaha once…not anymore, hehehehe

Why do Yamaha even bother? Plextor Rulez.

Yamaha drives are crap compared to plextor.

yes…new speed…but i think the same shitty mechanic

Where can i buy a plextor wit burn prrof and reasonable speed/ re-writable/ clone cd compatible? i live in england (leicester if u care) and there arent ne shops i can find that sell them

I would not touch a Yamaha even if they had a 24X Burning speed. I had a Yamaha once, never again ! I could not even give the damn thing away!
With the help of Clone CD my Plextor PX-W124TS 12-4-32 SCSI blitzes the same 5 min time over the copy protected CDs even the new safe disk, while Yamaha is chocking on it for hours before it finally shits it self.

Hey stop yer whining, I own a Plextor 12432T, and used to own a Yamaha drive!! But you dont see me here every 5 mins shouting off.

Gee we have attracted some spotty school kid geeks lately

Trojan : try www.aria.co.uk
or www.scan.co.uk both are very good and reliable.

what the hell is wrong with yamaha ?
im stuck w. a 2X phillips and do you see me complaining ?
i think not

and im buying this drive or the sanyo one (which supports burnproof)

bah u ppl are crazy!


been through three Yamaha’s (100, 400t & 400c) and now on third Plextor (412, 8220, 1210a) and you couldn’t pay me enough to go back to a Yamaha!

oh and avoid ARIA at all costs (scan not too bad but pricey) known the guy (ARIA) for 8 years and I cannot print here what I think of him!

go to the Computer fairs I got my Plextor 1210a for £180 which isn’t bad in the UK.

come on people
i had two yamaha’s
never had any problem with it!
now i have a plextor 12 speed but only
because i could buy it for a
very good price.
so stop shooting at yamaha because they are of even good
quality as plextor.

Most import question!
Will this drive finally support dao raw recording mode or not? Thats the only main questions i have, cause this drives are great, finally for doing standard cds, not copys of protected cds and, too, the firmware update stuff is quite easy, don’t know why there are problems with that. hmm. Depends on the user if this drive makes stress. i had no probs till clonecd came, he.

I have never replied to these before, but I couldn’t resist. You mention how crappy Yamaha is, but the models you used are ancient. I have a 8424 SCSI and it works flawlessly. I use Clonecd and I can rip anything I want no problem. Even the newest of games. So about those “facts” you were so bragging about, it sounds like your exerience with Yamaha was bad, but it is by no means the facts.


still wouldn’t touch a Yamaha drive again, I used to get loads of coasters with all of the drives (burning since 1994) and so did friends who had Yamaha’s, the drives were the best around at the time and now it’s Plextor, three drives and no coasters at all!

Plextor - does what it says on the tin!

Here, kiddies!!!
Stop saying “My toy is better than yours”. The only thing that matters is a sane competition! Buyers will get all the advantage!!!

To Trojan from Leicester. You can buy a Plextor 12x at the local computer fairs. There are loads about in Nottingham and Leicester.

Cheers 2 every1 hu told me where 2 get a plextor from. Im goin shoppin very soon thx