Yamaha Sound Problem

Hope someone can help, a Yamaha X-wave-4000value soundcard running on windows 98se, everything works a treat except there is no record. In audio propeties the preferred devices under record cannot be activated. The latest drivers have been loaded. Anyone came accross the same thing. :confused:

I cannot find that card on the Yamaha website.

However i found three soundcards on this webpage of Yamaha.

Or is it a non yamaha product which is using a yahama integrated circuit ?

Thanx for the reply Mr Belvedere, I dont know for sure as it is a friends card but it does say yamaha on it and the xg50 drivers on your link come on the installation disc, I think they are for midi synth etc as you also get the x-wave 4000 driver.

I downloaded a new driver last night, not tried it yet (fingers crossed) I canโ€™t help but think itโ€™s a W98 conflicked, ah well thanx again. :slight_smile: