Yamaha S-540 Compatibility Problem

Hi everybody.I’m from Greece and i would like some help.I have tried twice to play on my dvd player (it’s a yamaha s540) two dual layer disc’s but unfortunately without result.I also tried with yamaha s550 but the same.Could anybody explain to me why that happend and if there is any solution.

thanks for your time
Manolis kos/Greece

More info please…

Pressed or burned media?
What mediacode, speed, manufacturer?
What burner were used?

Hi chef thanks for your help.The first time i used ridata disc with clone dvd and the second verbatim with instant copy.The speed was 2.4X. I can see the movies without any problem on my pc.Any suggestions?
thanks again

when using DL media, you should stick with Verbatim DVD+R DL. :wink: