Yamaha releases more information on 'T@2' technology

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Yamaha Electronics has released some more information on their ‘T@2’ technology. With this technology it will be possible to burn graphics and text on the unused part of a CD-Recordable. No more…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3981-Yamaha-releases-more-information-on-T2-technology.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3981-Yamaha-releases-more-information-on-T2-technology.html)

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It will even be better if you can label it on the other side of the cd. Most of the time, I use the full CD. The problem of this cd label method is that most cd games use the the whole cd, there is no empty space to burn the serial at the end. Therefore, if you want, you can’t. Besides, Yamaha is no good for backing up CDs. If I use crack, I do not need to label the serial either. In this case, you won’t use this technology because you didn’t need to. man

Well I for one do like this technology a lot. Of course you won’t always need this technology but think about it: when you make a back-up of certain files that don’t take up the whole disc space, it’s great you can add a text or images to the disc. I think Yamaha has introduced a great feature. It’s always good to see manufacturers introduce new technologies to keep their new drives interesting for consumers…

It’s nice but I think that it’t not so great. I for my part always try to fill up my cds and so this is rather useless for me. It would be really good if you could write it without sacrificing space.

Let us get cd’s that have tracks on both sides. Then we would have 650x2 Mb - the space for text/graphics at our disposal. But no more use of stickers etc. :stuck_out_tongue: A whole 2 sided disc of legal divx contents + graphics/text :slight_smile: NICE!

Most people record less than 60 min ( 350mb ) on a cd ? I agree with RubberDuck … I would prefer to have a double sided cd-r saving the edges for the “tatoo” … would be a little less than 700mb x 2 but always more than a single sided cd-r ! :stuck_out_tongue:

…and also… I wil never buy a Yamaha cd recorder again… I will change my Lite On for another Lite On when this company will ship a cd rw capable of that “cd labeling”…but may be they are focused on other ( more important )feature for their drives ! Lite On rules ! :stuck_out_tongue:

This will not work with your CDs but only work with the CD which is specially designed for T@2 technology. Don’t buy with one. It will make you to hate damn YAMAHA. It really sucks… That -T@2- is totally bullshit. They are trying to cheat on you. Fuckkkkkkkkk… They are cheating you