Yamaha not recognised problem

I’ve got a Yamaha 24x8x8 and I’m using TDK discs but most pieces of software I try won’t:

a) Recognise the drive - NTI CD Maker
b) Says “Please insert a blank CD” when there is one - Easy CD Creator

I am able to burn mp3’s to disc using MP3 CD Burner but I cannot burn my ‘bulging’ hard drive to disc.

Anyone got any ideas?

Thanx in advance

Try using Nero. MAKE SURE YOU UNINSTALL EASY CD FIRST!!! otherwise you could end up with BSOD. Nero tends to recognise more drives (i think you menat 8x8x24). I used to have a yamaha and had similar probs with easy cd creator as the yamaha can take a long time to recognize the cd is in the drive and the prog misses it. NTI- not familiar with, but as you say you don’t have a probelm with MP3’s so everything is working ok.