Yamaha F1 dying, better replacement for audio burning?


I have the famous Yamaha F1 that came out like 4 yrs ago that got rave reviews. Unfortunately I’m getting “power calibration” errors now. I really loved it for its Optimum Write Speed Control feature and the Audio Master Quality Recording setting. The write spd ctrl was proven to give better quality burns. I’m really into home audio recording and liked the master quality feature. Anyone familiar with recording, “your recording is only as good as your gear’s weakest link.” Um, my question is whats the best consumer cd audio burner avaliable right now in terms of write quality? And will it better than the Yamaha?

My main concern is that in the unlikely :stuck_out_tongue: event my recordings ever need to be professionally pressed, or need to take tracks into a pro studio for mixing, etc, I want them to be as accurately burned as possible. The Yamaha seemed to offer that…

Ebay still have some old burners brand new in box. I bought a brand new Trax-Data scsi burner, made by Yamaha on ebay a few weeks ago, much better than your Yamaha F1 in term of bit by bit accuracy. And I am still using my plextor and my trax-data scsi burners for audio CD. For data, I use my dvd burner

thanks! i’ll look into it.

I’ll find something on NALOX

Yamaha F1