Yamaha F1 cant read CDRW!

Hi, when i tried to used a cdrw with my yamaha f1 and the writer cannot detect the cdrw:(…in nero under disc info, its say “No medium inserted or drive not ready, please try again”…whats wrong with my yamaha f1??..i’m using firmware 1.0d, and WinXP Pro…any help will be appreciate!!


hmmmm, did you install Nero before or after installing your F1?
If before, uninstall Nero and re-install it again.
If after, check in nero to make sure that your F1 is selected as the CDRW drive (and not your cd/dvd-rom or any other cdrw drive you might have).

Also maybe check and see if there is a new firmware update.
Other than that perhaps it just doesn’t recognize that brand of cdrw media.

I installed Nero after i installing the Yamaha F1 and the writer can read the cdrw a few days ago but now it cant read any cdrw:(…i’ve tried Princo and Yamaha cdrws and both cannot be read, neway i’ve also updated to the latest firmware and still doesnt work:(…i’ll try to reinstall nero again and see if it works…if not, do u think my writer is broken?.


that’s very strange.
Perhaps the firmware or something messed it up. I can’t tell.
I was thinking of buying this same CDRW drive… but not so sure now.

Anyhow if re-installing Nero doesn’t work, then if the drive is still under warranty, bring it in for a check/fix or replacement. Always take advantage of that warranty.

I hope it is just an issue of something else that can be easily fix (as setting or something) or that someone else posts a possible answer.

Good luck bud (I hope you are still under warranty).

Tried reinstalling Nero and still doesnt work, also i’ve tried the writer in my brothers computer and still the same…so i think the writer is broken:(…i only got the writer for a month, so is still warranty:)…Gonna take it back to the shop and exchange for another one, or they can repair the drive…

Thanks for helping!!

your media isnt 4x Sony Multispeed CD-RW, is it? if so i have the same problem… but all other tested CD-RW brands work just fine.

Well Yami is picky about Cdrw too. I even write the cdrw included with my drive at 4x instead of 10X as it is supposed to be :slight_smile: .

Okay problem sloved, went to the shop today and they tested the writer for me and they found out it was the cdrw faulty and not the drive…took me 1.5hr to get to the shop, just to replace a cdrw!!!..i guess the Yamaha writer is very picky about the cdrws…i tired with the Pinco cdrw and the writer cannot read it and can only read the Yamaha cdrw…