Yamaha F1 affordable: 84 Euro

=> Yamaha F1 for 84 Euros. The bulk version is available even for 74 Euros, which is about the same as a LiteOn 48/24 :smiley:

There’s a sale in the USA on the 44x Yami for $79. At Best Buy, $99 before a $20 MIR.
They also have the Buslink 48x CDRW for $29 after MIR, and it is very likely a 48246S drive in the box.!!!

The lowest price of Yamaha CRW-F1 44x/24x/44x dropped to under 10,000 Yen in Japan during Q4 2002.

I received an F1 for Christmas…I think it was a local store offer because at the time it was bought it was only $79 then, just as it is now.

I also went and picked up one of the Buslinks from the Best Buy ad for this week. It wasnt a LiteOn under that faceplate, but an AOpen instead…needless to say it went back…too bad really, good price. I figured for that I would update the writer in my Linux box. Maybe next week…drives are nearly to the point of being disposable:confused:


rdgrimes…I take it that you picked up one? I did notice in your media tests you are running a 52…just curious.

My 52x was a Buslink. The 48x Buslinks now on sale at CompUSA and BestBut are very likely to be 48246S drives and easily flashable to 52x. Just be sure it says SmartBurn on the box.