Yamaha CRW8424S writing only at 1X



Hi all,
I have a Yamaha CRW8424S, Adaptec 2904 SCSI card, Windows 98 and Nero

When I burn a CD if I select "Determine maximum speed" + "Simulate" + "Write" I can choose the speed I want (say 4X) and the record writes at that speed.

BUT... if I only select "Write", whatever is the speed I choose it writes at 1X :-((

I have no conflicts in control panel/system configuration ... so I hope it's a software problem.

Any Idea will be greatly appreciated.




I Recently bought the same Writer. No Probs though. But i downloaded the firmware upgrade even before i even bought the drive. You can find it (and other usefull yamaha stuff) @ http://www.yamahacdrwinfo.com

Good Luck,

pSyChO DaD


Thanks Psycho Dad,

I didn’t download the new firmware yet, but after I changed slot to the SCSI card and uninstalled Nero Update version + installed Complete version all works fine.
I can write at any speed I want (except naturally 2X which is not supported by the CDR)

Have a nice day