Yamaha crw8424s won't work with ecdc 6 Basic

Hi, I have a Yamaha CRW8424S cdrw on a Windows 2000 machine. Everything worked fine on Win NT with ECDC/DirectCD ver3.5c, but I had to upgrade to ECDC 6.0 when we got Win 2000 because 3.5 won’t run on Win2000.

Now, nothing works. ECDC/Drag-to-Disc (dtd) will format a previously used Verbatim 700mb cdrw disc, but when I try to drag files to it, error message says “Disc is read-only”. If I try to format a new disc, it says “There is no disc in the drive”.

I have unsuccessfully tried ECDC uninstalls/reinstalls along with both manual and software registry cleaning. Any ideas?

Rock Climber

Conclusion: Adaptec 2940UW Pro and ECDC 6.0 are not compatible with Win 2000, and neither company supports their product any more, so attempting to get the cdrw to work is not worth the time. I have spent WAY too much time on this, so project is DEAD. Uninstalled ECDC.