Yamaha CRW4416S writing/reading BIG problem!

Hell-o all ! I have a good ol’ yamaha scsi (internal) crw4416s burner for 4 years now. Like 2-3 months ago I started having problem with it : it could’nt burn on anything else than CDRW disk or black surface disks (like the black Memorex cdrs).

So since then I’ve always used black & cdrw disks and all was fine, the copies where good, no problem at all reading them on other drives.

But since this week it seem that I cannot write and even not read anything with the burner, it seem totaly dead ! When I burn something, it says 100% complete, no problems but when I check the disk, it is empty or it is totaly corrupted.

Is this a laser problem? Is it possible to clean it or should I start checking for a new burner now ? arrr !

i am runing it on Windows XP, pentium 3 450, 512m ram, on adaptec scsi ultra2wide card (aha-2940U2W)

thanx for your help all !


I had an older CRW4001nt (IDE) - same thing, was burning when it died, pronounced it dead since it wouldnt read good CDROMs. Now I get a CRW8424SZ (SCSI) handed to me, and exactly the same thing as the 4001.

What happens when you pull out the data cable, put in a known good CDROM (commercial pressed CD, like the original Windows CD or the Adaptec Software CD that comes with CDRWs), does your drive on/disc light blink green for bout 5 seconds, then becomes steady orange? Mine do that, exactly, and I believe I have dead drives, though the 8424 might still be in warranty.

I have even flashed the firmware and replaced my ASPI layers (you checked with Adaptecs site, found ASPIcheck, and made certain about your ASPI layers being matched revisions… yes?).

Sorry about your drive, but I seriously think I am collecting dead drives.