Yamaha CRW3200E

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Hi, I believe this model can also be connected to a scsi connection, with yamaha’s ide to scsi converter ($50,-). Does anybody know of tests(-results) of this drive when it is connected to the pc by scsi???

you would have to think that it would perform even better with the scsi connector. I hope the same connector can be used with their upcoming 48x drive :4

Yes it’s about $100 but Yamaha is offering a $30 rebate right now. Actually it started a while ago (January!!!), the rebate period expires on the 31st of July. www.yamaha.com/specials.htm This message has been brought to you in part by… me! TBZ

I think you also should have put as a negative how hot this thing gets. It even gets warm just sitting there. Also, the noise can’t be emphasized enough. This is the loudest drive I’ve ever heard.

This CDRW is the best one outhere :slight_smile: I’ve only used it for 2 days but I am already in love w/ it

I’ve just got an external firewire one of these drives for my Dad (to use with his iMac). The drive was supplied in a Silver colour… I want one too now :frowning: