Yamaha CRW3200E - Works, but Wont Read Anything

Well I’ve had this thing for a while, it hasn’t been used much either, just in the older PC, and I haven’t used that PC in over 2 years as I’m now on my AMD Athlon 2800 =D

But I needed a CDRom that burned CD’s so I took this one and slapped it into my computer here. but the problem is this:

Its all hooked in fine, it works 100% perfectly like it should, EXCEPT, no matter what, it thinks there is no CD in the drive. Insert any disc, it doesnt autorun or read it, you just see under my computer where it says “CRW Add files to this disc?” as if its a blank disc, same as if there was NO disc at all

could anyone help me out on this one? =(

Im on Win XP SP2, AMD Athlon 2800+, a gig of ram, an X850 Pro, everything runs fine but this just acts like i opened the tray and closed it without putting a disc in, no matter what disc i use

For what autorun??

It is a really useless feature, you could get virus and spam as a bonus from autoruns, to be honest.

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OK, here is an hint:


no, not autorun, it doesnt recongnize there is a disc in there at all, period, nothing. i can go to my computer and see the drive is there, but whatever CD is in there, is not in the drive, even tho, there physically is one in it