Yamaha CRW3200E problem

I have a Toshiba 16x DVD ROM drive set as master and Yamaha CRW3200E set as slave in Win XP Pro. The Yamaha is 24x/10x/40x
but for some reason only writes cds at 16x. I tried different brands one of them is Khypermedia which claims to be 40x compatible. I also tried different burnung programs, still 16x. Maybe it only works at 24x on expensive cds? Another problem is: the Yamaha can’t read CDRWs. If the CDRW is clean it records stuff on it but when i try reading it it doesn’t see it. Then i have to use my other cd burner (Philips 4x) to erase it and then the Yamaha sees it again and records to it. Th recorded cdrw also works fine in my Toshiba DVD ROM but not in Yamaha. I tried Philips cds and Memorex. What is going on here? :confused:

About 16x it is common if you use not very good cdrs. Try disable Optimum Write Speed Condrol and test them again.

Also the speed the cdr is supposed to write doesn 't mean much. You must know the manufacturer (most of the times the label firm is not the manufacturer). You can check it with nero info tool if you insert an empty media.
The best for this drive (as you can see i have one too) is Taiyo Yuden.

About the Cdrw try to write it at the lower speed and check it again. Is it writen as iso or packet writing?

There should be no problems with quality cdr/cdrw.

I’ve tried wrtiting cdrws at a lower speed already (i forgot to mention that), and also tried both iso and packet writing, it still can’t see the cdrw after it has written it.

What happens if you set the writing speed to 24x? Does the drives frizes or something?

I use Nero and when i set the speed to 24x it just drops to 16x saying that writing speed was changed due to media, so i figured it only wants name brand expensive cds

This is OK. This is exactly what Optimun WriteSpeed Control is supposed to do.

You should search for better quality media, and it isnt always more expensive (as i posted before it is not the brand but the manufacturer).

For example i have TDK 24x which are Taiyo Yuden and TDK 24x at the same package (exactly the same) but from differenent manufacturer :slight_smile: .

excellent, that solves my burning at 16x issue, but what do i do about the cdrws?

I really don’t use much Cdrws. I only have the Yamaha labeled (and Mitsubishy manufactured) that came with it :slight_smile: .

I noticed you refered to a 4x, what about the 10x?

By the way, what firmwire do you have?

i don’t have any 10x cdrws, i use the firmware that i originally purchased the burner with, 1.0d i think

I think this must be a media thing too. Check it if you can with some 10x media and post again.