Yamaha CRW2100S + XP

Has anyone had much success with the CRW2100S under XP? I have such a drive attached to a dedicated channel on my AMI MegaRAID Enterprise 1200 (U/UWx3) SCSI interface, but I experience the following problems:

CloneCD (v3.3.4.1 or 4.0b) complains that it can’t read source discs using “normal” mode and aborts. If I switch to “ProtCD” settings in, it’ll read the whole disc, but the log fills with dummy write messages. Daemon Tools complains that images created with the latter options have SYNC errors and are unreadable. CloneCD states that the drive supports both RAW-DAO and RAW-SAO modes. Source discs have no copy protection.

CDRWin shows that a track exists on my source CDs, but it doesn’t specify what mode it is. When trying to read, it fails, even when in RAW mode.

I seem to have minimal problems burning with this drive. I haven’t tried any copy protected burns, but generic images (like FreeBSD ISOs) are fine. Only issue is that CloneCD ignores my write speed settings and always burns at MAX. I still have a bunch of 4x only CDRs, and they’re slowly being turned into coasters from the oversped burns.

System is a PIII/700 with 1GB ECC mem on an iBX mobo running Win XP Pro32. No virus programs running at the time of rips/burns. CRW2100S has firmware rev 1.0N. SCSI cable has an active 50-pin terminator.


are you talking about 1 cd that gives problems or do all the cd’s you try to copy have this problem?
Does your hardware work under win98se or win95??

(I used to have scsi also…but i didn’t try it under winxp)

XP has issues with burning ‘out of the box’ - look at the must read links in my signature

Am using the 2100s with XP and havent had a problem yet. Works fine with all the software i have tested with it. If you are experiencing problems reading disks and your burner is under a year old you can return it to Yamaha and get it replaced free of charge.

Originally posted by dogzbollox
Am using the 2100s with XP and havent had a problem yet
Great! Which brand/model of SCSI Card, drivers & version?

All of my CD-ROMs and CD-Rs are failing upon read with the Yamaha. Clone-CD will try to read the first 16 sectors of each disc, fail, and then abort.

I do have a cheap ATAPI DVD-ROM drive in the system running on the onboard iBX UDMA/33 controller. It is able to read basic CD-ROMs with CloneCD. Its poor quality and lack of RAW read modes keeps it from reading most CD-Rs, protected CDs, or anything with smudges or scratches, though.

The IMAPI Service was disabled after I installed XP and has not been re-enabled since.

I am running Adaptec ASPI version 4.7, and the accompanying check program states that both the SYS and DLL files are active.

I am unable to verify if the hardware combo functions under Win9x for several reasons, the most important being that there are no 32-bit drivers for the AMI MegaRAID under 9x. The controller runs in 16-bit BIOS mode under both DOS and 9x, which lacks CDROM/CD-R functionality, and typically pukes with MSCDEX with anything other than DOS 6.22 or before.

The AMI controller did work with an old HP6020i under NT4SP3 several years back. However, that drive died 3 days after the one year warrenty expired (seriously!), so I’ve been without a CD-R drive to test with it ever since.

I can toss a Diamond Fireport-40 in the box to test to see if it actually is the AMI drivers failing, however, it’d be nice to rule out a software issue first.

The Yamaha drive is a refurb, BTW.

i wouldn’t put anything other then lots of hard disk on a raid card

Here an update:

My AMI MegaRAID, Intel Pro/1000, and Diamond Fireport-40 won’t work in the same system together. When I start XP, the system locks up when the PnP service detects the new hardware settings. If I reboot, the system will load, but the Fireport and the Gig card are malfunctioning according to the Device Manager.

After moving the cards around a bit, I yanked the Fireport-40 and replaced it with a very old Asus NCR810 based SCSI card. This introduced a whole host of problems relating to the revision of the NCR chipset and an incompatability between it and the host SCSI BIOS included with my iBX motherboard. When using the newer Symbios/NCR code included in my system BIOS, XP won’t detect the card properly. This is nothing new, since I had the same problems with both 98 and 2000 with this card and mobo pair. When I disable the Symbios/NCR code and try to fall back to the host code on the SCSI card itself, the card never seems to initilize and the system (let alone XP) can’t find it.

I have an Adaptec 2940UW in my DEC Alpha Miata that I can try as a last resort. The Miata can’t boot off of any other SCSI controllers I have, so the 2940 can’t stay in the Wintel box forever, but at least it may let me know if the Yamaha is bad, or if it just doesn’t work with the AMI, since dogzbollox claims the Yamaha works under XP for him. Again, I’ve never had problems with CD-ROMs or CD-Rs on the AMI before, so I’m thinking that if it’s the faulty part, then MS may have poorly tested the AMI driver for XP.

I dumped my 2940UW in the box and XP had no problems installing it. Furthermore, CloneCD was able to read an entire CD-ROM to ISO off the Yamaha 2100S with no problems, and Nero is burning fine in the background as I type.

Looks like the AMI MegaRAID just has a poor XP driver. Oh well, such is life.

Thanks for the help folks.