Yamaha CRW2100S won't burn discs:

:frowning: I have had 2 Yamaha CD-RW drives now. This is the second one which seems to have had the laser stop burning. The last one slowly decreased burn quality until the discs it burned could not be read. In that case, it degraded slowly, and I saw it coming.

This time, I have the 2100S, it is between 1.5 and 2 years old. I have never had any problems with it, until last week. The first failure was burning a CD-RW, and it completed normally, said it was fine, but the disc can’t be read.

Ever since then, any time I try to write or erase a disc in Nero, I get a “track following error” This happens immediately, so that the CD-R is still usable, in other drives as a blank disc. This to me proves it writes absolutely nothing on the disc.

I have tried updating the firmware, changeing the drive location and increasing cooling to keep it from over-heating, and I used a lens cleaner CD, NO change.

Is there any hope at all? And is this a common Yamaha problem? Do all CD-R/RW drives die in 2 years or less? This drive has not seen heavy use. Do any drives come with >1yr warranty?

Thank you for any enlightenment.

i have the 2100e…i don’t know how big the differences are…

but it is working 3 years now without any problems…
I must say that i only use it for audio…for other back-ups i use my lite-on
…not using it as a reader for games etc.