Yamaha CRW-F1E (Fw. 1.0d) CANNOT rip CDS200.old

Today I’ve got my Yamaha CRW-F1E (Fw. 1.0d). I’ve performed some tests with protected audio discs, immediately, because I wanted to know whether this drive really is the one and only universal audio-protection-defeater.

I’m afraid, it is not!

The drive cannot extract “Wolfgang Petry - Die laengste Single der Welt #3” which is protected with the old CactusDataShield200 which doesn’t contain the hidden file VERSION.TXT.

The F1 can read up to 59,74 seconds, only. Obove it rips silence.

This effect appears with:

  • ExactAudioCopy 0.9 beta 4 (using Detect TOC manually)
  • Feurio 1.66
  • CloneCD (with 1st ses. only on and off)
  • CDRwin 4.0A reading sectorwise.

The tests were run under Win98SE, ASPI 4.60 and switched off auto insert notification.

But: The F1 can rip the following protections successfully:

  • key2audio gen. 1 (Heather Nova)
  • CactusDataShield100 V3 (Right Said Fred - Stand up)
  • DOC.loc (Helium - Vola & Warp Brothers)
  • protection on “De Raeuber - Achtung Raeuber”

During the next days I’ll test CDS100 V1/V2 and several current CDS200.0.4 3.0s.

maybe you did something wrong. with the f1 you can copy the wolfgang petry cd. thats not a problem for me and my burner .:smiley:

i use EAC :bigsmile:

System is W2k SP3 -> Aspi V4.72.1

Could you copy the album ‘Achterbahn’ or was is the single ‘Die längste Single der Welt #3’?

Do you also have firmware 1.0d?

THX in advance.

The Single.

Its possible with Alcohol, too :rolleyes:

Yes my FW is 1.0d (maybe the latest ?!)


thank you for the immediate reply. In the meantime I’ve tried ASPI 4.72 (4.71.2) but unfortunately I’ve got the same negative results.

I’m afraid I’d like to ask you some further questions:

a) Have you listened to your copy and doesn’t it contain silence from 1:00.00 until the end (22:xx.yy)? From start of the track up to 0:59.74 the F1 does extract the audio well, but above in my WAVe-file there is silence, only.

b) Have you extracted the audio under the current firmware 1.0d or could it be possible that ripped under 1.0c or earlier?

c) Have you owned the ATAPI/IDE drive or is it the SCSI or the USB version?

d) Is it really the same disc? My disc is manufatured by BMG, bar code 7 43218 95692 8, LC02093. On the inner ring of the disc I can read ‘sonopress A-64022/4321895692 B’ and ‘IFPI L8 46’. Could you kindly verify that with your disc?

In my opinion the F1 is getting confused of the scrambled TOC of session #1. This old CDS200 comes up with a wrong start sector of 99:xx mins. Maybe this version also has a tweaked lead-out position, too.
It must be TOC #1 because my F1 can’t rip the disc above 1 min. when using the marker/tape trick which physically hides the TOC of session #2.

It could also be possible that the F1 can extract other CDS200.old discs which consist of more than one audio track, e.g. Bravo Hits 35, Wolfgang Petry - Achterbahn, Hits Total Vol. 2, Natalie Imbruglia - White Islands, …)

During the next days I’ll test Bravo Hits 35 and Hits Total Vol. 2. Perhaps the “Laengste Single der Welt #3” is the one and only exception.


Grufti and Speedy have just confimed that there is a protected and a non-protected version of the disc:


Hopefully you’ve extracted the unprotected one.

I’ve just been browsing through the brennmeister.com audio forum and I’ve found the distinguishing feature. Please take a look at the IFPI number in the middle of the disc. The IFPI number stands for the CD master.

a) IFPI 0706 is the non-protected version and
b) IFPI 0710 is the protected one.

Please ref. to http://www.brennmeister.com/forum/jump2post.php?post=58645. Grufti and LogicDeLuxe came to this conclusion in Jan. 2001.

can we speak german ? my englisch is not so good. :Z



We have a german forum :stuck_out_tongue: