Yamaha CRW-F1E and UX

Greetings wise ones :slight_smile:
I’m hardware tester form www.cdrifno.pl, site 'bout same things as cdfreaks, but in polish :wink: Currently i’m working on hardware reviw of Yamaha CRW-F1E and UX, and i have found something very strange in those drives.
When i got 1st Yamaha F1 (begining of July) it came to me with firmware version 1.0b. I was unable to test this drive due to other reviews, but i was using it from time to time, to burn some 2@2 :wink: or other stuff. And I remember that i have tested drives writing speed in CDSpeed, on few cd-r brands it reached declared x44. Few days ago, when the time to write review has come, i ran those test again (but meanwhile the drive was upgreaded to 1.0c firmware), and results really confused me… Drive is unable to write at x44 on any media brand - i have something about 300 test cd-rs (brands and sizes are of course diferences), and not even a one CD-R can be written at full speed… The same problem is with external drive - UX and when i connect the drive with supplied Yamaha SCSI converter - drives cannot wite at the speed >40x

Now questions:

  1. I need 1.0b version firmware in bin format, to downgrade the drive…
  2. Any1 met with something like described above?

I’m very short on time, 'coz the review was supposed to be show few weeks ago :slight_smile: Please, hel,p if you can…

you can always ask yamaha support for these things: yamaha.support@solectron.com or www.yamaha-online.de
(maybe next time)

Sorry, I dont have one, but I was told that they reach 44 at 800 meg. Mine will almost reach it a little over 700. But while I got you. Does your F1 make loud seek noises? Just checking because some say theres are quite and some say, no it makes noise.:confused:

you said it came with f/w 1.0b and then you upgraded to 1.0c, i believe there is 1.0d available, you might try that.

ahh, here it is http://www.yamaha.co.jp/english/pro...rm/af110d_e.exe