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Only one remark: I told you to use a pic of Anna Kournikova :wink:

Great review guys.

Certainly a very nice drive. Did you all also noticed this is the first review to feature c1/c2 error scanning test? Nice work!

I would almost buy this drive but for the inability to do EMF encoding perfectly. I know that can be overlooked by some but it seems to me a defect and for that price it is a defect that I can’t abide. I gave it some thought and even considered buying a USB2 Liteon and then this Yamaha but I want my main CDRW to be bit perfect. Maybe I will wait for the USB2 version.:(:4

Hands Up! Everybody… Hands Up for this review! :stuck_out_tongue: Anyfinally more than a 2MB buffer on a fast drive.

Great review!!! How exactly does the TDK/Lite-on 48x24x48 drive compare to this Yamaha drive??? Most importantly, is the TDK/Lite-on drive able to copy all copy protections without the 'amplify week sectors" option of clone-cd??? I would love to se a review of the TDK drive with exactly the same benchmarks and comparisons… I am going to buy the TDK or this Yamaha… Pleas help me, and the rest of us make up our minds! Thanks, KGB_22

Hmmm…so…DiscT@2…do the current crop of Liteon burners (40X and 48X write) support any similar technology?..As I would ditch them for the Yamaha if not…

No, the Lite-Ons don’t have any technology like this…

posted a link to a TDK 48X review rivaling the Yamaha here yesterday but got deleted … but nvm … here we go again o’.'o http://www.reviewmakers.com/showdoc.php?review=51

I would like to give comment on it’s special feature “Audio master Quality Recording”, i have made test’s in comparison with the plextor’s feature “vari-rec” and came across the conclusion that the plextor is far better in musical quality than Yamaha’s recordings. I have made even a recording on single speed using the Yamaha, because i could not believe its dissappointment but with no better result. I naturally first ripped the audio with plextool’s 1.15 new DAE extraction, because it’s better than EAC’s and made recordings on Platinum’s 700 MB CD-r’s on 50 piece spindle costing only 35 Euro cents a piece. The Plextor’s recording were very little bit lighter in sound-quality, but just as musical like the originals, but the Yamaha’s were very much different in comparison with the original cd’s and lacked musicality giving you that kind of specific digital sound. Used Cd sources were, Badi Assad’s “Rhythms” and Chessky’s demonstration cd and Mariah Carey’s “Butterfly”. So for the enthousiats among audiofreaks consider this comment as serious. All the other qualities of cd-burning of the Yamaha is perfect according the tests on this site. Great review site. My compliments. Highend_freak.

I read the review about the TDK Cyclone 48x24x48x drive and it seems great. But the review didn’t cover the drive’s ability to read and make backups of copy-protected CDs. Does anyone know anything more about that or where or how to find out? Also, this drive isn’t listed by any vendor in Pricewatch as of today. Does anyone know a source for purchasing this drive? Thanks.

There is a forthcoming review of this drive and some cautions about the Tatoo feature ( wastes recordable space etc) at tomshardware… it was sent out to subscribers of Hardnews at tom’s Link :4