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On CDRLabs.com we can find a review of the highly anticipated Yamaha CRW-F1 recorder. This drive (44X/24X/44X) does not have the fastest write times available today but its CD-ReWrite speeds are…

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At long last !!!


I haven’t read the review yet, but I hope they took the multiple interfaces in the score calculation. Not al writers get IDE, USB, FireWire and SCSI ! Really looking forward to the review of the SCSI drive, performance and stability wise.


F1 - is it Ferrari red? :slight_smile:


No its Stormtrooper white.


btw, many thanks for the review, Ian !


Was a bit disappointed: No 99min support even if it’s advertised. Not correct EFM encoding. Extremely picky about media. Can’t manually pic 40 or 32X recording speeds. Not faster than most 40X writers (in total recording time). Exxxxpensive Slower reader than most other 40X+ writers. Disc t@2 is pretty kewl, but could only be used on the unsused parts of the disc and do not work very well with phthalocyanine discs (which is most of the discs now). Disc t@2 ia not for me since I use mostly phthalocyanine discs and normally writes the discs totally full… Audiomaster: Well, yeah the day I could hear the difference and could live with wasting some space on the CD-R…that day it may be kewl, but for now I do not hear any difference and do not feel like wasting space on the discs… I think I’ll stay with my Lite-On’s… Yeah all the different ways to connect it is kewl tought…


The review did not talk about copying copy protected disks; not SD2 or SD2.51 or any of the others. Is that usual for CD Labs. If not, then that is really giving the Yamaha a break by not mentioning this. From what I hear, the Yamaha is in bed with the game and music industry and specifically makes it so its drives can not copy copy protected disks. I don’t know this for sure as I never owned a Yamaha and until I know the truth, I would never consider buying one.:d


If you want a review that includes SD2.51 results why don’t you just read the one at cdrinfo??


Actually we did mention the SD2 stuff. We don’t spend a whole page on it like cdrinfo, but its there on the features page. The drive does support 99 minute media. Does it support all 99 minute media? Since there is no official standard, who knows but it worked for us both reading it and writing to it. If you think there is a conspiracy where drive companies get together with the recording industry… well I think you watch X Files way too much. :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s the skinny on these IDE to SCSI adapter things???


The internal SCSI drive will use an adapter like their previous drives. At least here in the US, there are no plans to sell it separately.