Yamaha CRW-F1 EIDE-SCSI converter

I’ve just picked up one of the last drives at a local computer store - I prefer the scsi interface and was considering getting one of Yamaha’s EIDE-SCSI coverters for it. Has anyone got any experience of using this?

Thanks in advance.

have test it
works without any problems. remember to set the scsi id, i forgot and wonderd for 30 mins why it didn’t work :o

Righto. Thanks for that. :slight_smile:

I’ll get a converter ordered very soon then.

Does this converter only function on Yamaha SCSI CDRW drives? Or can I hook up other drives as well?

I’ve no idea - can’t see why not if the EIDE interface on the Yamaha drives is actually a std EIDE interface.

dont know for sure
some people say is does work fine, and some people say it doesnt work at all on other drives.
only way is to find out is to try it
please try it and report back, like to know whats true