Yamaha CRW-F1 drive

Hey all,

It says on the CDFreaks review “For our tests we used CD-R discs with a dark blue dye (Metal Azo) to get the best results. When you use CD-R discs with a lighter dye the images will be hard to see.”

But later on it also says: “… you must use the Metal Azo type discs or other discs with a dark blue dye. Other type discs simply don’t work because of their lighter (or too dark) dye colour.”

So which is it? Will discs with a lighter dye simply not work at all or is it just harder to see?

Does anyone have one of these drives and are they happy with it?

Simply put, images on certain disks appear better than on others.

Obviously the best the yammy blues, and the worst would be a all black PSX disk.