Yamaha CRW-F1 Disc Recognition Problems

Hello, sorry if this subject has been posted before, but I’m having a problem with my Yamaha CRW-F1 drive. I’ve had this drive for about a year and two months now. I’m using it on Windows XP using the packaged software, Nero 5.5, latest upgraded version. I have also used this drive in Redhat 9 with GnomeToaster. I’ve never used this drive beyond it’s limits, no overburning, nothing of the sort. My hardware configuration that I’m currently using with it, I have 2 IBM GXP180’s, one in a removable drive bay, set as Master and Slave on Primary chain. The CRW-F1 resides on the Secondary chain, as the Master device. I have a Benq DVP1640P DVD Reader running in ATA-66 mode attached as Secondary Slave, and have absolutely NO problems with the Benq.

Okay, the problem, whenever I insert a CD that I just burned, the CD rom indicator light blinks blue for about 3-5 seconds then stays dark, not recognizing that there’s a CD inserted in the drive. Sometimes ejecting and reinserting the disc will result in the drive scanning the disc and recognizing that it’s there. It recgonizes blank CDR discs, and CD-RW Discs fine. I get this problem sporadically with Stamped CD’s. Sometimes they will recognize, and sometimes not. This happens under Windows, Linux, MS-Dos, even sitting at the BIOS screen. I believe this problem to be Drive related. It isnt making any kind of loud noise, or has slowdowns or reading problems when it DOES recognize a disc.

If anyone’s had this problem or knows any sort of solution, it would be greatly appreciated. This drive has been an absolutely great drive in the past and it’s odd that it would do this.

Perhaps a firmware upgrade ?

Whoops, I forgot to post that I’m using version 1.0G of the firmware as well in the above post.
so yes, I’m using the latest firmware as well, for about 6 months with no problems until recently.

Perhaps ASPI ? :wink:

I dont believe ASPI is the problem here as I can reproduce this problem before loading any OS. Though I believe I’m just using the ASPI that is provided with Nero, I havent installed the Adaptec ASPI layer. If I should, is 4.60 still the better version over 4.71 for Windows XP??


I am only able to suggest you to check your cables and/or try disconnecting your BENQ DVD Reader leaving alone the Yammy on the channel… but if you didn’t change anything since the drive was working correctly, then it is most probably a problem of the drive… :sad:

I hope that this is not the case… I also have a Yamaha F1 (and also BoSkin, if I am not wrong) and it is a magnificent drive…

Good luck,


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I dont believe ASPI is the problem here as I can reproduce this problem before loading any OS.

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Yamaha F1 (and also BoSkin, if I am not wrong)
Well, it just goes w/o saying. :wink:

Hi BoSkin,

you are right. I don’t know why I said that… absolutely irrelevant. :rolleyes:



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Well, it just goes w/o saying. :wink: