Yamaha CRW-F1 acting strange?



Basically, I’ve just bought myself a opened box Yamaha CRW-F1 CD burner for a pretty good price, but at my own risk, since there was no guarantee it works. So, I popped it in my computer and it gets recognized no problem. Then I put a CD in, and it became the loudest optical drive I’ve every heard, as I could clearly hear the revving noise of the motor and clicking noise from the laser seeking. Also, it took about half a minute for the drive to recognize the CD.

However, the worst part was when I tried to rip the CD with EAC (v0.99 prebeta 4) in secure mode, as the entire ripping process ran at an average speed of 2.1X, with peak speed at 2.5X, and the report showed that there were errors. The resulting .wav file plays fine, but it was strange nonetheless, because the rip speed was awfully slow, and the CD has been ripped in other drives before without errors.

Afterwards, I ripped several other CD’s with EAC in secure mode, and although no errors were resulted (although there were error correction), the speed was again capped at 2.5X for all of them. Also, all of these rips end up with the same peak level of 98.8%, while the same rips with my PX-Premium produced peak level of 100%.

I then did a little test on this drive with Nero CD/DVD Speed, first burning a CD-R (Maxell MIJ) with 44X setting, and burn completed, although the write speed was 8X the entire process. I then used the burned CD for the benchmark, and the graph looked normal. Finally, I tried a rip with foobar2000, and I was able to rip at 11X to 15X.

Lastly, I put this drive into an external USB enclosure (Genesis chipset), and did some ripping with it on my laptop with EAC v0.99 prebeta 3, and the rip speed improved slightly, averaging 3.5X and peaking at 4.0X. These rips also end up with the same peak level of 96.6%.

So, the question is, are these normal signs, or are obvious things that my drive is bad? Things I am particularly concerned with: the drive noise, as it really sound like my drive is working extremely hard whenever a CD is inside; and the very low rip speed with EAC. Any input is appreciated. :bow:

In case its important, I am using Vista 64bit for my PC, and XP for my laptop. Also, I’ve made sure that the drive was in DMA mode (UDMA 2) the entire time it was used in my PC. The drive is in its latest firmware, 1.0g.

Since there isn’t a Yamaha section, I’m asking my questions here. If I put this thread in the wrong place, I’m sorry and please feel free to move it.


How old is this drive?

You may try a clean.


Thanks chef. This drive was made in July 2002, and yes I have considered opening it up, but only as a last resort. I just want to know if this drive is loud and slow by nature, and that EAC just doesn’t like working with it.