Yamaha CRW-F1 (44x24x44) or the Liteon 52246S (52x24x52)?

Hello everyone. Just been told about this fine community you have going and I thought i’d join. Okay, I have a question.

My old 4x Mitsui 4802-TE has hads it’s day and i’ve decided to upgrade.

I have come down to two choices. The Yamaha CRW-F1 (44x24x44) or the Liteon 52246S (52x24x52).

Could you good folk recommend the better one from those two?
I’m after an all-rounder. One that does well on music, data and game copying. Price is not a problem, and i’m not much fussed with any extra’s such as the disc printing of the yamaha, just after a solid burner. Hope you can help.



Plese, next time use a more describing title, instead of “Hello and a question”, it is annoying to other users to see topic titles like that

Well it seems to me you want to burn audio (not copy protected audio) and data and copy games.

Well the LiteOn is great for those requirements, but if you mean you want to burn protected audio, then the Yammie is better. However, the Yammie can’t burn protected games all too well…

There’s no perfect burner I’m afraid, but the Litey is close :wink:

It’s hard to argue with a 52/24/52 burner at $80 US.

thanks for the tips guys…appreciate it


Better late than never they say, so if I may add, with the Lite-ON try to get a Plextor burner or CD-ROM to read audio protections and you should be able to copy practically anything except maybe Tagès protected CDs…

I have a Lite-ON LTR-40125S a Plextor PX-W1210A and a Lite-ON LTD-163 and I couldn’t ask for a better combination. No CD protection has foiled me so far and copying works well and fast. Even if the Plextor is slower, it really shines with DirectCD (I can packet write to CD-R with it with no hassles).

As for the latest Lite-ON, maybe it will work better than its predecessors with DirectCD and audio protections, hopefully. I don’t know how it fares using the CD-MRW or under XP (Go ahead and call me an old timer, but no one is going to take away my tweaked Win98SE :cool: ).