Yamaha CRW-6416S and protected music cd's



I have a Yamaha CRW-6416S writer, I was wondering if it will read protected music cd's. I can then use the Yamaha to read and the Lite-on LTD-481248w to write them. If the Yamaha CRW-6416S can't I will have to buy a new reader that will.

Thanks for any help.


Well well actually i have both a 4416s and a 6416s and a 8824s i really had some problem and was never able to read protected audio cds( CDS200,key2audio,…)Because at that time i didn’t know eac was around. If you give me some time i will tell on friday but i can’t be sure since the computer they are installed on are still running win95osr2 and i don’t know if eac will work on that old OS. Have you got time till Friday night?


Ok Sasha Frieday will be fine I shall waite for your reply. Thankyou for taking the time to help.:slight_smile:


I will only be able to test key2audio of spiderman not cactus data shield just to let you know.


For: Belly Buster

Tested key 2audiocds on both4416s and 6416s no success! I suggest you buy a good audio reader like plextor scsi or a plextor ide burner!


Thank you for your time and help. The only thing is the price of the Plextor! At the moment I have no spare IDE so I will have to go for a SCSI drive a lot of money at the moment. I will look around and see whats about.

Thanks again