Yamaha CRW-2200E


First design with support A.M.Q.R. \ Hardware = chipsets - OAK OTI 19796+ Yamaha x2 - YDC128-V + YAD519-S + engineer Yamaha + OPU Philips SPU-3xxx.
Pay attention to the laser control gear on the toothed belt


First model with A.M.Q.R.
Also feature was available after upgrading to firmware 1.0E


MediaRange CD-R AUDIO 97m17s09f MBI India
Yamaha CRW-2200E fw.1.0E
ImgBurn x1


Pleomax Samsung CD-R 97m17s06f MBI
Yamaha CRW-2200E fw.1.0E
NERO 2017 x16


JVC CD-R Music CD-R Audio Taiyo Yuden Made in Japan ATIP\MID: 97m24s01f
Yamaha CRW-2200E fw…1.0e
Nero 5.5 - Advanced Audio Master Quality Recording x4