Yamaha cdr426



I've got a friend with one of these.. (actually it used to be mine)
It was working fine (he's got it hooked up through a diamond fireport scsi card)
he was burning to it with no problems till about 2 weeks ago.
now if he tries to create an audio cd, sometimes (not all) it will repeat tracks till the end of the cd, and do a whole host of other miss-burns.
he has about 5 different burning programs,including cd creator 4 (yeah I know)
and this happens in all of them.. However he can do a straight copy of a cd fine.

thoughts, tips, solutions?



This is a long shot, but it might help. I had the same problem, but it wasn’t Burn-Program-related. My guess is you rip the audio to wav first. If you’re using WinDAC, That is what’s causing your problem. Rip your cd and check the wav’s. I my case WinDAC just kept rippen the first track of the cd as much as there are tracks on the cd.

Hope this helps…


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