Yamaha can't read erased CD RW discs



I had this issue with my CD RW drive for some time now.

I have a Yamaha CRW 3200E-VK and it can’t erase TDK 700 MB CD RW discs properly. I would use Nero to erase the CD and the contents of the CD still show up in Win XP explorer when the erase is finished.

I had to use other PC with a Plextor CD-RW drive to erase the CD-RW disc now.

The Yamaha also has problems reading some of CD-RW dics that the Plextor erased.

The Yamaha can still write to CD-RW discs, but I don’t know why it can’t erase and read erased CD-RW disc properly.

Does it have dust on the lens and another fixable issue?


What’s the model of the Plextor drive?


It’s the Plextor 48x24x48A CD-RW Drive.

The plextor drive has no problems reading/writing the erased discs.


That’s pretty strange. Does it only happen with this brand of CD-Rw?

Are you using Mount Rainer mode on either the Plextor or Yamaha on any of these CD-Rw’s ? Both of these drives have had firmware updates that included fixes for Mount Rainer support.


At this point, I’m using the TDK brand, because of it’s price.

Are you asking if the InCD software is running? The answer is yes.

I got the lastest firmware from Yamaha, with that said the company haven’t update their firmware because they closed their CD deparment about two years ago.


I suggest you upgrade the Plextor to the latest firmware as well, as it’s possible that it has old firmware and is not formatting the discs correctly, resulting in them being unreadable in the Yamaha.


I checked I got the lastest firmware for Plextor. Heck I even upgraded to Nero 6.6 to see any difference.

The issue still reminds.


I do not know what you are using for your r/w read I.E. MtRanier, Sonic DLA or Roxio but when I had a problem I used Sonic DLA on all of my systems and now no more problems.
Good luch