Yamaha Burners

This may seem like a personal interest question (and it is) but i was curious…

i actually bought a Yamaha burner (2200e). This was before i really knew anything about burners, i just thought that yamaha was a older company so it would have good equiptment.

I have not had any problems with my burner, but have not been able to copy a number of protections

I was curious about people’s thoughts on yamaha burners, are they qualty? Crap? it seems like a good company but it is not really discussed much, mostly you hear about LiteOn and Toshiba.

I suppose i am happy with my yamaha, it seems as if it can copy some games with SD2, and almost everything before then, but i am not sure because my computer sometimes seems to work with copies that will work on no one else’s computer (something i do not understand)

but now that i got alcohol 120 i dont mind the copying so much

anyways post your thoughts on yamaha burners plz!

Yamaha drives are not bad, but their price is :eek: . You actually get 2 LiteOns for the price of one Yamaha, so the majority of non-rich people prefer LiteOn :slight_smile:

i bought my yamaha a year ago and it wasnt expensive (or so i thought) i think it cost $129 after a mail in rebate

i wouldnt consider that very expensive as cdrw’s go

btw it was a 20x10x40x which was just under top of the line at the time (the 24x was just released)

how much can i get a good liteon for now?

(also i got it at best buy not online)

€48 for a lite-on these days

yamaha is not so bad
it isn’t a two sheep writer but with the new alcohol 120% it doen’t matter anymore.
you can back-up any SD with any writer with alcohol 120%

Yamaha burners have a good writing quality, bu their price is too high. As alexone said you can buy 2 LiteOn with the same money :slight_smile:

But LiteOn doesn’t have DiscT@2 which the Yamaha CRW-F1 does have :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by G@M3FR3@K
But LiteOn doesn’t have DiscT@2 which the Yamaha CRW-F1 does have :stuck_out_tongue:

disct@2 works only on the un used space of a cd.
bit of a waste to use only 50Mb on a cd just to have some space left to burn your tato.