Yamaha announces CRW2200x (20/10/40) CDR-W drives

I just posted the article Yamaha announces CRW2200x (20/10/40) CDR-W drives.

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Yamaha Corporation today unveiled the world’s fastest series of CD-R/RW drives, the CRW2200, that promises greater recording stability, efficiency and ease of…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1423-Yamaha-announces-CRW2200x-20_10_40-CDR-W-drives.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1423-Yamaha-announces-CRW2200x-20_10_40-CDR-W-drives.html)

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Nice speed :4 I’ll wait for the Plextor release though… :wink:

I used to agree about being into wanting to wait for plextor thinking they were the best but now that I know they deliberately have stopped their burners doing Raw mode I’m no longer convinced. I’m not sure if Yamaha support it but if they do I’d probably swap to them. Plextor betrayed us after we all gave them the name they now have.

yamie drives are alright if you like poor build quality having one repaired can take months less than a week turnaround with a plextor drive

I owned a Yamaha before, can’t remember having any problems with it.

Once owned a 4416s, that fucking piece of shit burned a hole cd, and in the end there was nothing on it??? 3 of my friends had the same prob…

yes, just wait a little for the 20x plexwriter it`s like 3843734743 times better.

1st 3 writers yammies first one lasted a week second 3 hours third my third my case fell on its side cdr stopped working on taking it apart the bit that lifts up the laser reliase on to plastic posts that had snapped of the whole of the carrage inside was plastic if you never move your pc it may last forever take it to a club or whatever you will be lucky if it lasts 2 months. Plextors are solidly built not crappy plastic :frowning:

Hi! Plextor :r is expensive crap, like lame ass dirty nasty bloody ass! What I can say, Plextor :r is fucking expensive and it can’t do anything tricks that lower cost burners can’t do! Plextor :r can’t copy SD2 and everybody buy it because they can say “I have Plextor :r, Now I have best burner in the world”. Now they won’t use anything else than Plextor :r! They always say Plextor :r is best but for exsample I can’t see anything bad in Yamaha,Philips…! Those Burn CD and thay work. Plextor :r won’t made world fastes CD burners, This article is best to see Plextor :r isn’t world best and fastest burners makers! I think Plextors :r are good but I newer will buy it! And if Rumour that Plextor :r makers do the deal with Macrovision that is … lame. Fucking lame! Plextors :r owners I know that you love your burners and you can make baby with Plextor :r! Sorry I just… getting paranoid :7

Damm! I bought a Yamaha 2100S in November :frowning: I got to get my hands on this one…

this is just lame … who needs a 20x anyway … i`ve got a 12x & im very satisfied … an IMHO every burner can burn sd2 … just use cracks -=[DC]=-ViRuZ

if you burn alot of cd’s get a plextor or a Teac otherwise get a cheaper brand

Nila, WTF??? Plextor has not “stopped their burners doing Raw mode”. Plextor drives do RAW mode just fine, true that there are problems with SD2. But if you checked the web sites that deal with SD2 you’ll find that there are some people who are able to copy SD2 with Plextor drives. You’d also find that there are very few drives that can copy SD2 protected disks. I’ve had Yamahas and Plextors and they’re both excellent. Why do people feel the need to trash Plextor just cuz not all of them can copy SD2?? That’s true of over 90% of all drives out there. Most Yamahas don’t do RAW mode for that matter, does that mean they suck? NO Grow up people.