Yamaha and win2000

hi all
i have me a yamaha 6416 scsi with tekram 315u controller running on and amd with win2k
my burnner worked fine on win98/me
but after turning to win2k it read cds but if i try to burn i get a confermation from the burning software (evry thign whent fine) but the cd is unreadble
it show burning marks on the surfce
what to do
all firmware and drivers are updated and aspi of adaptec is latest ver.

Maybe is the ASPI layer.
Infact, you have a Tekram controller, and you can’t use the Adaptec’s ASPI layer.

ForceAspi can be found here:



Hi try going to M$'s site to see if you can find a Knowledge base on it. Or go to the yamaha website and see if they know about the bug!!
Good Luck