Yamaha and Fuji-Film announce Labelflash

Today (19th October) Yamaha and Fuji-Film have announced the Labelflash technology in Japan. The Dye used for Labelflash is produced by Fuji while the Hardware (Laser etc) used for this Technology is by Yamaha based on DISCT@2.
Some Info:
A special laser will write to a Blue Dye developed by Fuji which is 0.6mm under the Label. The Dye is protected by a polycarbonate layer. Printing time will be 5mins for standart and 20 mins for high def mode.
A release date for media and Burners supporting this technology is not given at the moment by Yamaha or Fujifilm.
Links and pics(sorry JP only)
Official Press release by Fuji (JP only)
Official Press release by Yamaha in English:

Fujifilm USA was not able to provide USA release dates, pricing or availability yet.

I can’t wait to try out this LabelFlash technology!
Anyone else excited about it? :slight_smile:

Oh, yeah. I can’t wait to wait 20 minutes to burn a label. Am I missing something or isn’t ink jet printable media and the ink/printer necessary to print leabes still going to be cheaper and faster than any of these optical label printing technologies?

Now, DISCT@2 was cool in that it used normal media and burnt quickly. Now, if they’d do that for DVD, I’d be happy. Special media? Horribly slow (3x) burns? Uhh, I think I’ll pass. yawn Wake me when the label is printed…

I’m willing to give it a chance at least. :slight_smile:
I do agree that Inkjet printable media looks very good nowadays!
Too bad we can’t get the Canon in the US. :frowning:

Too bad we can’t get the Canon in the US.

You can if you don’t mind paying through the nose for it.
Mine works great but it cost $200, which I have long since made up for by refilling tanks.

As for Babelfish, er , Labelfish, oh um, Labelflash, it gets a great big YAWN here. :Z

What’s wrong with doing the service mode hack on an off-the-shelf Canon?

(going into service mode, changing the printer region to Japan [English], etc…)