Yamaha 8x Pure Phase Laser System

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Source: http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/000405/la_yamaha__1.html
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  • First CD-RW Manufacturer to Introduce Drive Capable of 8x Rewrite -
    LOS ANGELES, April 5 /PRNewswire/ – Yamaha…
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Is he compatible with CloneCD???

Probably not, No Yammy has ever been able to write in RAW mode.

But I have now a HP cd writer plus 7500 and he has the RAW option but he isn’t compatible with CloneCD
I am so confused!!!
Some people say that he it is good and athor says that it is bad to support the RAW.
So what is good to support CloneCD???
I have seen to the CloneCD webpage but I can’t find the list of the writers that are compatible???
I wonna buy the plextor 8/4/32 IDE but some people say that he isn’t compatible is that true?
or the HP writer 8/4/32 speed
is he compatible???

Plextor 8/4/32 IDE is NOT compatible with CloneCD. The Plextor 820 is.

What is the 820???
What speed
and can he rewrite?
8 speed burning???

Forget any Plextor.
The cheapest option is to bu a Mitsumi 40804 TE it is completely compatible with clone CD and good value too.

820 = plextor 8 x write
and 20 speed read

it can not rewrite !!!

use a 8/2/20
the 2 = 2 speed rewrite

OK, we know Yamaha is a pioneer in rw speeds, but what about reliable speeds? Their 4416 was rather flakey…

plextor come`s with a 12/8/32 burnproof drive

12 speed write
8!! speed rewrite
32 speed read
20 speed digital audio

that`s sucks ass !!!

Hell no!
Mitsumi sux! And I should be able to knnow, cuz I own one!
Get yourself a Sony CRX 140.

  1. Sony rulz
  2. CloneCD rulz
  3. 8x rulz

I don’t have any problems with my Mitsumi cause it’s supported by CloneCd (and so is my HP 7200i) but it (M. 4801 TE) doesn’t write raw! (both)